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Full Mouth Rehabilitation

  • Full mouth rehabilitation refers to rebuilding (and/or replacing) all or most of the teeth when oral health as a whole is deteriorated due to multiple dental problems in a patient’s mouth. For proper chewing and other oral functions, a healthy set of teeth working in proper harmony with the surrounding muscles and Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) is of utmost importance. Damaged teeth and improper bite not only affect the smile, appearance, and function but can also lead to fatigue and pain in muscles of the face and neck and can also damage the TM joint.
  • Treatment of mutilated dentition usually involves (but is not limited to) saving damaged teeth, extraction of hopeless teeth & rehabilitation by onlays, crowns, fixed dentures and/or implant-supported fixed prostheses. In some cases, a phase of orthodontic treatment may also be done prior to final restorations to position the remaining teeth in healthy, harmonious and esthetically pleasing positions.
  • Dr.Akshita Mehrotra, being a specialist in Prosthodontics, has considerable authority in full mouth rehabilitation cases. Dr. Rohit Mehrotra brings his orthodontic expertise to enable this clinic to provide the most optimum and complete Oral rehabilitation treatment options to our patients.
  • Please visit the Smile Gallery to view some of the oral rehabilitation cases being treated in this clinic and the improvements being produced in our patient’s esthetics, chewing and overall quality of life.