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Saving badly broken teeth

A 37-year-old man came with a chief complaint of fractured upper left first and second premolars. Both the premolars were root canal treated and restored with post & core and metal-ceramic crowns.

Rehabilitation of a patient with teeth lost and damaged in an accident

A 24-year-old woman reported with lower front teeth lost and upper front teeth fractured due to a car accident. (Her upper and lower jaws had also fractured along with the front teeth. After surgical healing and getting temporary crowns placed on upper teeth somewhere else, she had
come to our clinic for final prosthetic treatment.)

Her upper four front teeth were restored with metal-free ceramic crowns. Metal ceramic fixed partial denture was provided for the lost lower front teeth.

Lower metal-ceramic fixed partial Denture

A 50-year-old woman reported with a chief complaint of previously extracted lower central incisor and severely mobile adjacent teeth. One tooth adjacent to the missing tooth on each side was unsaveable and had to be extracted. Metal ceramic fixed partial denture was provided to replace the extracted teeth.

Zirconia Fixed Partial Denture

A 61-year-old lady desired a highly esthetic and durable replacement for her previously extracted lower front teeth. Zirconia fixed partial denture was provided to her.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

A 55-year man reported with a complaint of severe sensitivity in teeth and difficulty in chewing. Chronic bruxism (teeth grinding habits) and gastric acidity had led to the severe wearing of upper and lower teeth, especially the posteriors (back teeth).
Upper & lower posterior (back) teeth were root canal treated. Upper back teeth were restored with ceramic inlays. Lower back teeth were restored with full ceramic crowns. Composite restorations were placed on front teeth as required to improve esthetics. This cured his sensitive teeth and provided him with chewing efficiency and satisfaction.

Full upper arch rehabilitation

Treatment of a 70-year-old man with badly worn and broken upper teeth. All his upper teeth were root canal treated and ceramic crowns placed to restore tooth structure improving his appearance as well as chewing.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

A 62-year-old man with multiple missing teeth complained of inability to chew food and ‘older’ appearance.

On examination, teeth showed severe loss of enamel due to grinding. Many back teeth were missing. Front teeth were spaced out, worn, and not visible on talking and smiling. Facial height was reduced making him look older than his age.

Upper and lower teeth were restored with metal-ceramic crowns and fixed partial dentures. Facial height was restored enhancing his smile and face esthetics. Front teeth crowns were constructed such that visibility of teeth on smiling and talking was optimized giving him relatively youthful appearance.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation of a 66-year-old lady with many worn out and sensitive teeth, few missing teeth due to previous extractions, and discolored upper and lower fixed partial dentures made somewhere else.

Root canal treatment was done in indicated teeth and new metal-ceramic crowns and fixed partial dentures were provided, creating a younger-looking smile and restoring chewing satisfaction