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Orthodontic treatment of an eighteen year old girl with severe crowding (malalignment)

A 12 Year Old Girl With Anterior Crossbite (Lower Front Teeth Ahead Of Upper Front Teeth), Posterior Crossbite (Lower Jaw Wider Than Upper Jaw), Prominent Chin & Crowded And Malaligned Front Teeth Treated With Rapid Palatal Expansion And Fixed Orthodontic Appliances

A 10-Year-Old Girl With Anterior Openbite (No Overlap Between Front Teeth) Due To Thumb Sucking Habit And Protruded Front Teeth, TreatedWith Thumb Sucking Habit Breaking Appliance And Fixed Orthodontic Appliance.

Treatment Of A 10-Year-Old Girl With Poorly Aligned Front Teeth And Multiple Impacted Teeth ( Teeth Stuck Inside The Jawbone And Unable To Erupt In Proper Position)

Treatment Of A 20-Year-Old Female Patient With Deepbite (Excessive Vertical Overlap Of Upper Front Teeth Over Lower Front Teeth) And Poorly Aligned Teeth. Note Improvement In Gingival (Gum) Position And Smile Esthetics With Orthodontic Treatment

Treatment Of A 12-Year-Old Girl With Severe Protrusion Of Upper Front Teeth And Incompetent Lips (Unable To Shut Lips Properly)

Retreatment Of A 27-Year-Old Female Patient (Previously Treated Somewhere Else) Who Reported With Poorly Aligned Upper and Lower Front Teeth, Deep bite, And Retruded Lips.

Note Improvement In Lip Position Giving Patient More Youthful Appearance

Treatment Of 12-Year-Old Girl With Impacted (Unable To Erupt Properly) Upper Left Central Incisor And Protruded Front Teeth.

The Upper Left Central Incisor Was Unable To Erupt Due To Supernumerary Teeth (Extra Teeth In The Jawbone). The Supernumerary Teeth Were Removed Surgically And The Impacted Tooth Was Brought Into Position And Protrusion Reduced With Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment of a twelve-year-old girl with class II malocclusion (upper teeth and jaw ahead of lowers) and malalignment of teeth

A 10-year-old girl with posterior crossbite (Upper jaw narrower than lower) and class II malocclusion (upper teeth protruding and lower jaw smaller than upper) and two lower incisor teeth missing treated with an upper jaw expansion, growth modification, and fixed appliances. Implants planned for missing lower teeth once patient attains 18 years age

Adult Interdisciplinary Therapy

Esthetic and functional rehabilitation of a female patient in her mid-forties having protruded and malaligned upper teeth, malaligned lower teeth, anterior open bite (front teeth not overlapping) and multiple missing molars, with orthodontic treatment and implants.

The patient had bilaterally missing upper first and third molars and lower first and second molars. Orthodontic treatment using mini-implants was performed to retract and align the upper front teeth and correct the open bite. In the upper jaw, missing first molar spaces were closed and no artificial teeth where needed. In the lower jaw, the teeth were aligned and implants were placed bilaterally to replace the missing molars and provide proper occlusion (bite) with the upper teeth.

Interdisciplinary Therapy

An 18-year-old male patient lost his upper left lateral incisor tooth in an accident. He also had a deep bite (excessive overlapping of upper front teeth over lower teeth) and protruded teeth with spacing between them

Orthodontic treatment was done to establish a normal bite, retract the teeth and shut the spaces between them. This was followed by crown lengthening on upper teeth to improve gingivally (gum) esthetics and tooth crown height. Finally, metal-free ceramic fixed partial denture (bridge) was given to replace the lost upper left lateral incisor

A 44-year-old female patient treated with lingual orthodontics (braces placed on the inside surface of teeth to keep treatment invisible)

A 25-year-old female patient treated with lingual orthodontics (braces placed on the inside surface of teeth to keep treatment invisible) to align her teeth

Orthodontics to correct TMD

A 35-year-old female patient reported to our clinic with the chief complaint of severely limited mouth opening. The patient had severe pain on trying to open mouth and was finding it very difficult to eat and chew.

It was diagnosed that her faulty occlusion (bite) was contributing to her problem and Orthodontic treatment was done to correct the same.

It is now eight year`s since finishing orthodontic treatment and the patient continues to have normal mouth opening and jaw movements and no pain or other signs and symptoms of TM joint problems.

Orthodontic treatment also contributed to significant improvements in esthetics.