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Implant supported fixed complete Dentures

A 45-year-old lady reported with multiple previously extracted teeth and remaining teeth severely mobile due to periodontal (gum) disease. In addition to not being able to chew food, she was extremely upset with her appearance.

Her remaining teeth were unsaveable and hence extracted. Six implants were placed in each jaw and fully fixed dentures provided to the patient, with significant improvement in facial appearance and chewing ability.

Implant supported fixed metal ceramic prostheses

A 68-year-old lady with almost all her upper teeth missing due to previous extractions desired a fixed replacement for the same. The health of her remaining teeth was also compromised and their long term prognosis was poor. Hence these were also extracted and eight implants were placed in the upper jaw. Fully fixed metal-ceramic prostheses were provided in the upper jaw.

Immediate implant and ceramic crown

A 42-year-old man fractured his upper right lateral incisor. The remaining tooth was extracted and the implant placed in the same appointment. A metal-free ceramic crown was provided on the implant as a replacement.

Implant and zirconia crown

Implant placed and Zirconia crown given to replace an upper left canine tooth extracted several years ago in a 40-year-old man.

Implant With Metal Ceramic Crown To Replace A Previously Extracted Lower Right Molar In A 35-Year-Old Woman

Two implants with metal-ceramic crowns to replace previously extracted upper right 1 st and 2 nd molars in a 41-year-old woman

Implants and Veneers

A 38 year old lady came with fractured and loose upper right fixed partial denture which was made somewhere else ; underlying teeth were also badly fractured. Upper left front teeth were discoloured due to large, unaesthetic fillings.
The fractured upper right three front teeth were extracted and replaced with zirconia fixed partial dentures over two implants. Upper left front three teeth were restored with ceramic veneers.

A 30-year-old lady needed replacement of lower posterior (back)missing teeth on both sides. The missing teeth had been extracted many years ago.. Lower left missing teeth were replaced with metal-ceramic fixed partial denture over remaining natural teeth while on the right side implants with metal-ceramic crowns were provided as a replacement.

Lower implant supported overdenture

A 76-year-old man with all teeth previously extracted rehabilitated with the upper complete denture and lower implant-supported complete overdenture.