Reasons To Consider Dental Implants

Home Reasons To Consider Dental Implants
  • To replace one or more teeth
  • To provide support for a partial denture
  • To increase the support and stability of full upper or lower denture
  • To enhance chewing comfort
  • To improve esthetic appearance and increase confidence while smiling, talking and eating
  • To secure maxillofacial prosthesis where a portion of the upper or lower jawbone or other facial parts may be congenitally absent or had to be removed due to trauma or malignancy.
  • Other than people who have chosen implants as their first choice treatment option ,a significant number of people considering implants are those who initially opted for removable dentures but are dissatisfied with the poor fit of their dentures, which leads to difficulty in chewing and a fear of losing the dentures while talking or eating. The majority of patients treated with dental implants experience a significant improvement in their ability to chew food and they report that implant-supported fixed prosthesis is a far more comfortable alternative to conventional dentures.
  • Removable dentures can also be made to fit more securely and comfortably with an overdenture implant. This will minimize any discomfort and movement (slipping) that is common with normal dentures but is a more affordable alternative to fully fixed implant restorations. Hence, many older adults are turning towards dental implant-supported removable dentures for their greater comfort, confidence and greatly enhanced chewing ability, when compared to their old conventional dentures.